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Backless / Clear Back Bras

In addition to our Diamante Back Bras, we also have an extensive collection of clear back bras.

Clear Back Bras are the ideal solutions bra, offering the option to wear backless dresses, open back tops, prom dresses and ball gowns, safe in the knowledge that you are wearing a proper bra.    Many shops sell adhesive, stick on, bras which are uncomfortable, and can leave you feeling a little "insecure".

With a clear back bra, you can feel safe and secure, that everything will stay where it should.

Whether you need a bra with a transparent back strap, or a clear back strapless bra, or just one with clear shoulder straps, at Cupidlingerie.co.uk we are sure to have one to suit your needs.

Backless Bra - Clear Back Bra Sielei 1578

The Sielei 1578 Backless Bra is our most popular Clear Back Bra.    The Cups are smooth and seamless microfibre, making this a lovely bra to wear under your outfit, with no unsightly seams or lacy pattern to show through, and with a lovely smooth finish to help prevent snagging.

The backstrap is clear with a matte finish, so it won't "shine" too much 

against your skin, and is a huge 28 cm (that's 11 inches) wide, allowing you to wear the widest of open backs.  The transparent back strap is 20 mm wide, so the tension in the bra is nicely spread to help prevent the back strap from cutting in too much and showing.

The Sielei 1578 can be worn either with regular clear shoulder straps or as a clear halter neck.   The cups are in firm, graduated foam, to give a little push-up effect.

Available in Black, White and in "Noisette" (a lovely deep nude, Coffee colour), the Sielei 1578 comes in in B cup and C cup, and in sizes 32 to 38.

Buy the 1578 Backless Clear Back Bra at Cupidlingerie.co.uk for £24.00 plus P&P

Backless Strapless Bra - Sielei Clear Back Bra 1660

The Sielei 1660 Clear Back Bra is ideal, combining the benefits of being both strapless, and having a clear back.

The Sielei 1660 comes in Black and in White, but is only available in B cup.

The cups are smooth and seamless of course, and the back strap is nice and wide to spread the tension of the bra, and also to ensure that you are nice and secure in your strapless bra, and everything stays where it should.

If you don't need to wear the 1660 strapless, it can also be worn with the included clear halter neck strap.

Buy the 1660 Backless Strapless Clear Back Bra at Cupidlingerie.co.uk for £24.00 plus P&P

Backless Bra - Sielei 1568 Clear Back Bra

The Sielei 1568 is a most versatile Solutions Bra, with lots of interchangeable straps, so that you can swap and change whichever bits you need to.

The 1568 comes with both a standard fabric back strap, which can be swapped over for the clear back strap (the back strap attached at either side with a hook and eye fastening, with one hook to one side and three to the other side), so if you don't need the clear back and prefer the feel of a fabric back strap, you can just swap it over.

The should straps similarly are interchangeable, so you can wear it with normal fabric straps or with the clear shoulder straps.

If all the above were not enough, the 1586 also has a "low back converter strap", which essentially is a long back strap which wraps around the front of the waist, so that the back strap sits lower than it normally would.

The cups are in smooth and seamless microfibre, and also have removable foam cookies, so if you want a little push-up effect you can, and if you don't then you can just remove the cookies.

Backless Bra - Clear Back Bra "Caprice"

The "Caprice" Backless Bra is a lovely bra, suitable for backless dresses and plunging necklines.   The cups are firm and smooth, and the specially shaped cups and underwire allow you to wear lower necklines, with a little cleavage.

The back strap is crystal clear, making this a lovely bra for those special, hard to wear dresses.

Buy the "Caprice" Clear Back Bra at Cupidlingerie.co.uk for £24.00 plus P&P

The Caprice comes in A cup to D cup, and in sizes 32 to 36.

Available in Black, White, and in Nude.