Diamante Bras and Bra Solutions

The perfect solution for backless dresses, ball gowns, prom dresses and low back tops, a Diamante Back Bra will add a little glamour and glitz to any outfit. 

DiamanteBackBra.co.uk is part of Cupidlingerie.co.uk, an online lingerie shop which specialises in bra solutions, and luxury brands.  Here we showcase high resolution images of our range of Diamante Bras which are available to purchase on our main site.  If you just want to browse, we hope you will enjoy.  If you would like to buy, just click on the link to come to our shop.

Diamante Back Bras

Diamante Back Bras are ideal for all occasions when you don't want your bra back strap to show, but want the confidence and support of a proper bra.  More secure and better fitting that "adhesive" or "stick on" bras, and a bit more glam than a clear back bra (although we have plenty of those if you prefer), a Diamante Back Bra is designed to be seen and will look as though it is part of your outfit.

Our choice for quality and practicality has to be the Ultimo multiway Diamante Backless Bra which sells at £36.00 and is available in Black or in Ivory.

Ultimo Diamante Back bra

Ultimo have created a really innovative design for their Diamante Back Bra, which is part of their Miracle Solutions range.  The shoulder straps can be worn either conventionally or halterneck, giving great versatility for different outfits, whilst the removable silicone gel allows two different cleavage options.

Suitable for A cup to D cup, the Ultimo Diamante Back Bra will give you great cleavage for that special dress or top.  The removable liquid silicone gel will mold to your shape whilst giving you lift and support.

The Diamante back strap is the best we have seen.  32 individual sparkling diamante crystals are set into bright silver coloured metal settings, and strung together to form a sparkling string across the back.  The really clever part is the combination of stretch silicone into the metal string, which means that the back strap has stretch, making  it secure and comfortable.

The Ultimo Diamante Back Bra fastens to the side, so there is no unsightly fastening to spoil your outfit, and the cups on this bra are ultra smooth satin, to help avoid snags.  Two silicone strips in the side panels help to keep everything just where it should be. 

Available in both Black and in Ivory, this bra is a "must have" for any special dress and a true wardrobe essential.

As with all Ultimo products, the quality is exceptional, and well worth the £36 price tag.

Splendour Backless Bra

Splendour have been producing Diamante Back Bras and Diamante Front Bras for some time, but unhappily have recently ceased production whilst they are trying to sell the brand.   Alas we have now sold out of our remaining stock, so this item is no longer available.  We hope they will soon be back in production, but for the moment, once they are gone they are gone.

The Diamante Backless Bra is a favourite.

Two sparkling strings of Diamante crystals form the back strap of this Diamante Back Bra.  The Splendour Backless Bra can only be worn halterneck, so it is not quite as versatile as the Ultimo bra.

Available in Black, in White and in Nude, the Backless Bra by Splendour also differs in that the metal string which forms the back strap does not itself have any stretch.  Instead, there are two short stretch adjusters on each side, which allow both for adjustment but also a little stretch - after all, you do need to breath.

Splendour Diamante Front Bra

Splendour also produced a Diamante Front Bra, the "Frontless Bra", which has widely spaced cups to allow a little more cleavage to be shown, and two strings of sparkling diamante crystals across the front.

Rear fastening, and perfect for plunging necklines and low cut tops, the Diamante Front Bra provides a lingerie solution with added bling.

Do You Know A Diamante Bra Brand?

At Cupidlingerie.co.uk we are always looking for new Solutions to wardrobe headaches.   With the passing of Splendour (for the time being at least) we are left looking for another brand of Diamante Back Bra to add to our stock.

If you know of a brand of Diamante Back Bras, or if you are a manufacturer of them, please let us know.  Just email us at Sales@cupidlingerie.co.uk.